The purpose of the Jarred One Name Study (ONS) is to understand our surname, its families and their history & migration, and share those findings clearly & accurately.

This study has come about as a result of many individuals researching their own family Jarr*d branch, and in doing so have discovered many pieces belonging to “other” family branches….and not knowing what to do with them.

I have mainly been the compiler of that Jarr*d information found by other researchers, who have produced thousands of pieces of paper, word documents, web pages, links and emails – much of it duplicated by each other, and often forgotten – and the resulting confusion of communicating those discoveries and links between individuals.

My hope is this ONS will become the permanent central repository of this information & discoveries, and eventually to form an accurate foundation or “big picture” of our family & its history for our future generations. I have registered this study with the “Guild Of One Name Studies” (GOONS) to utilise their combined professional knowledge and facilities for this purpose.

Like any ONS it is too large and complex for any lone researcher to piece together by themselves, so the aim of this website is to bring together those valuable people by creating a public “doorway” to our central study and allow better research & communication between us all.

I have to sincerely thank the hardy souls who have spent much time, money & effort, and kept up this research for many decades – especially my mother Elsie Jarrad, & cousins Ann B., Alan J. and Peter H.

Gary Jarrad
South Australia

Site Progress Timeline

Stage 1…. Started October 2016 – basic layout construction.

Stage 2… Started Sept 2017 – Added basic public data tables like census, BMD & Parish indexes for Norfolk to create a somewhat functional site. More district & country information will be added continuously for the life of the study as it and time become available.

Stage 3 – I hope to divide this site into “Public” and “Members only” sections.
The Public face displaying our family findings and conclusions, maps, statistics, immigration patterns, and public data & inquiries – and the Members section for access to private data, discussions and “deep” research.

Stage 4 – Add a private communication service for members

Stage 5 – Link the data to the family branches

Stage 6 & ongoing – Make the site more visually appealing!

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