Dec 202016

The most time consuming part of researching the Jarred name is sorting stray spelling deviations from the other similar sounding, and much more common, surnames like Jarrett, Jarrold, Garrett and Garrard.

These names are so numerous they exist in all the parish and districts Jarreds exist in, as well as being quite numerous in other UK counties – whereas Jarred is almost exclusively limited to the East Anglia part of England, and prior to 1800 quite specifically to Norfolk.

Jarred may even be a very early deviation from one or more of them.
(Eventually I’d like to set up a DNA testing page….it would certainly be interesting to see if there are any matches and links between the wide spelling variations –  Jarred, Jarrett, Garrett & Garrard’s).
As a result we have to at least note and later follow these non related individuals to find which Surname group they truly belong to.
In these pages I will only include those that are closely interwoven with ours and have not been followed through and eliminated.

Gary Jarrad
Dec 2016

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